The Walter scale is a scale for mesauring tornadoes in both Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. It was used in Australia and Hawaii for Tropical Cyclones.

Usage for Americas, Eurasia and Africa

Usage for Tornadoes(Walter Scale 3000)
M # Winds speeds Damages(USD) Information(Info)
M1 <40 mph $100 thousand-$999 thousand Light damage, trees knocked down, power outages for days.
M2 40-83 mph $1-455 million Gentle damage, leaves blown off trees, power outages for 5 days to 2 weeks
M3 84-115 mph $456 million-$20 billion Moderate damage, trees can damage houses, power outages for 2 weeks to 7 weeks
M4 116-195 mph $21-64 billion Severe damage, trees blown around, power outages for 8 weeks to 19 weeks
M5 196-240 mph $65-86 billion Extremely Severe damage, trees are blowned around, can get severely suck in the tornado,  power outages for 20 weeks to 1 month
M6 241-299 mph $87-116 billion Extremely Gentle damage, power outages for 2-6 months
M7 300-344 mph $117-200 billion Extremely Moderate, trees kicks people's faces, power outages for 7-10 months
M8 345-995 mph $201-365 billion Very Extreme damage, power outages for 11 months and 6 days-1 year and 1 month
M9 996-1,105 mph $365-865 billion Very extremely severe, can kill over 3,555 people, power outages for years
M10 >1,106 mph >$866 billion Super extremely severe damage, can kill 16,555 people, power outages for at least 9 years.

An M1 and M2 tornado is weak. An M3-M6 tornado is strong. M7-10 tornadoes are severe. M5-M10 are deadly tornadoes.

Usage in Australia and Hawaii

Sometimes the CPHC, BoM, or FMS Use them for tropical cyclones.  Since 2015, this scale used subtropical cyclones. Since 3001, it have been used for extra-tropical and post-tropical cyclones

Usage for Hawaii and Australia(Walter Scale 3000)
Category Winds Storm surge in feet
Tropical/Subtropical Invest <15 mph, <0.3 ft
Tropical/Subtropical Depression 16-38 mph, 0.3-0.4 ft
Subtropical/Tropical Storm* 39-73 mph 0.41-0.99
1 74-95 mph 1-3 ft
2 96-114 mph 4-7 ft
3 115-134 mph 8-11 ft
4 135-155 mph 12-18 ft
5 156-190 mph 19-25 ft
6 191-235 mph 26-31 ft
7 236-290 mph 32-39 ft
8 291-310 mph 40-49 ft
9 311-364 mph 50-69 ft
10 365-999 mph 70-99 ft
11 >1,000 mph >100 ft
  • Subtropical Storms are actully 39 mph or more.............

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