In the year of 2015, a low pressure system formed off of Southeastern Nigeria, on June 13. At this time, NHC began monitoring the system as it produced heavy rain and localized flooding to major cities of Nigeria. Later that night, environmental conditions began to become more favourable for the disturbance to become a tropical cyclone. On June 14, NHC began issuing advisories for Tropical Depression One. In just a mere few hours it blossomed into  Superstorm Alexa that affected the entire world until it dissipated on June 3, 2016 it has caused $1.3 septillion dollars in damage (USD). it was named Alexa. It effected the whole Northern Hemisphere. caribbean TS, GULF COAST, EAST COAST, WEST COAST, EUROPE C12, ASIA SUPERSTORM, HAWAII HYPERCANE, N POLE as a SUBTROPICAL STORM.

Superstorm Alexa

Counterclockwise vortex
Duration March 2 – June 3, 2016
Peak intensity 6330 mph (10185 km/h) (1-min)  -396 mbar (hPa)