The Strongest Cyclone that wasn't ever a tropical cyclone or even a extratropical cyclone or subtropical cyclone.
Low Pressure System
Low pressure symbol

It as a massive weather symbol on a invisible map of the East Coast.
Formed March 1, 1997
Dissipated Never Dissipating
Accumulated Cyclone Energy N/A because its just a normal low it is not a tropical cyclone
Highest winds 225
Lowest pressure 859 millibars
Damages $1.07 billion(2013 USD)
Direct Fatalities 8 (4 of them Drowned and 4 of them died of getting smacked into a building at high speeds.)
Indirect Fatalities 0
Missing 0
Areas affected The entire Northern Hemisphere except the North Pole
Part of the
2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

This is the strongest cyclone to have never have become a tropical system and it has never had any frontal systems attached to it. It formed on March 1st, 1997 from a huge area of warm humid air rising in the Central Plains it then started to rotate counter-clockwise and became a powerful and huge low pressure system it then slowly deepened it brought tons of rain to the Central Plains to the Southeast US and the Northeast and parts of Canada bringing as much as 3-4 feet of rain in some places. It has absorbed lots of tropical and subtropical cyclones into its huge circulation but it has never become a subtropical or tropical or even a extratropical cyclone it just remained a low pressure system. It now has a minimum central pressure of 859 millibars it is Currently on the other side of the US as the Strongest High pressure system ever, bringing very strong winds and very heavy rain with winds sustained up to 225 mph gusting to near 300 mph, Like Mini Black Hole Thomas and its high pressure counterpart it will never dissipate.