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The Snowstorm on January 17 over Georgia and North and South Carolina

From January 16-20 2017, a large snowstorm stuck the east coast of the US (Known As Jake from The Weather Channel). A total of 8 States were effected. The Large Storm Made landfall in Georgia, then would move up and effect South and North Carolina. Setting up as a Northward moving storm effecting Virginia and West Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. Snow totals were as high as 50" in some remote areas.

Areas Affected


The Storm would start to effect Georgia, dropping 5" of snow in Atlanta, and up to 9" in some remote areas of Georgia. Overall Georgia got the least amount of snow from this system. Damage was minimal, but there were several reported power outages around the state of Georgia. Clean up crews, struggled to get all the snow off roadways, even though there were only 5-9" of snow.

South Carolina

North Carolina