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Tropical/Subtropical Invest

A tropical or subtropical invest can range from force breeze to gale force before they devlop.

Tropical Invest
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration Unknown – Unknown
Peak intensity Winds unknown 

Subtropical Cyclone

A subtropical cyclone is a cyclone that devlops from subtropical invests . Subtropical Depressions have <38 mph winds and *subtropical storms have at least 39 mph.

Subtropical storm (SSHWS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration Unknown – Unknown
Peak intensity 100 km/h (65 mph) (1-min) 

SSHWS scale

SSHWS can help you!

Values used for the SSHS on this wiki
Category Windspeeds Hexadecimal
Tropical Depression ≤38 mph #5ebaff
Tropical Storm 39-73 mph #00faf4
Category 1 74-95 mph #FFFF00
Category 2 96-110 mph #ffe775
Category 3 111-129 mph #ffc140
Category 4 130-156 mph #ff8f20
Category 5 157-194 mph #ff6060
Category 6 195-234 mph #8b0000
Category 7 235-300 mph #cc0033
Category 8 301-340 mph #cc0066
Category 9 341-380 mph #CC99CC
Category 10 381-410 mph #FFCCCC
Category 11 411-449 mph #8A2BE2
Category 12 450-499 mph #9400D3
Hypercane 500-999 mph #ff99ff
Super Hypercane 1000-1599 mph #cc99cc
Megacane 1600-2499 mph #FFCCCC
Category 2 Megacane 2500-3399 mph #D2691E
Category 3 Megacane 3400-6900 mph #CD5C5C
Super Storm 6901-9999 mph #9400D3
Infinite Storm 10000-999999 mph #00CC33
Mini Black Hole ≥1000000 mph #008080
Super Mini black hole is ≥1600000 mph

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