From August 13-16, 2016, an extreme heat wave took place in the Eastern United States. High temperatures were, on average, 10-15 degrees above normal. Temperatures of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit were recorded in every East Coast state, except Florida.


Record warm low temperatures were also broken, with most of the Eastern USA seeing low temperatures of greater than 80 degrees on August 14th. Even Maine saw high temperatures of over 100 degrees. Raleigh, NC set its temperature record for both warmest low and warmest high, with a low of 81 and a high of 107 degrees. No single accurate weather report measured a temperature under 70 degrees on August 14th east of the Mississippi River. The average mean temperature for the United States east of the Mississippi River on August 14th was 92.1 degrees, and the average high temperature was 102.8 degrees.

Even the mountains received very high temperatures. The high temperature of 92 degrees on the usually chilly Mount Mitchell in North Carolina also set a record.


On August 15th, temperatures were still much above normal, although the air was slightly less humid and cooler. The next day, however, a powerful storm system moved into the Eastern U.S., with unusual August severe weather occurring in the Eastern U.S.

On August 17, weather was mostly cloudy and unseasonably cool in the Eastern U.S., with temperatures being below 75 in most areas north of Georgia. Even Florida saw highs in the upper 70s, unseasonably cool for August.