The names were taken from the 2011 North Atlantic hurricane season


Hurricane Arlene

  • Peak: 145 mph, 912 mbar
  • Arlene formed on June 7 as TD 1. TD 1 dissipated on June 8 because wind shear in Gulf of Mexico made TD 1 don't make landfall. TD 1 reformed 12 hours later and stronger itself to TS Arlene on June 9. It became stronger and stronger on June 10, it became a Category 1 hurricane. It rapidly hit Cuba as a strong category 2 hurricane. It had winds of 110 mph during that landfall and  a pressure of 965 mbar. Hurricane Arlene started to rapid deepening. It rapidly became a category 4 hurricane. It reached its peak on June 13 in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm was located 25 miles north of New Orleans. On June 13, it made landfall in New Orleans, Louisiana at 6:30 AM CDT. Winds were 135 mph and pressure was 924 mbar.  On June 14, it move fastly and slowly weakened. It dissipated on June 23.
  • Tornado outbreak: Hurricane Arlene tornado outbreak(2111)

Subtropical Storm Bret

  • Peak: 40 mph, 1009 mbar
  • SD 02 was forming on June 19, it formed at 7:55 PM in the Caribbean Sea. Because the caribbean was 75*F.  Subtropical Depression 02 became a subtropical storm on the afternoon of June 20. It was named Bret. On June 21 at 3:00 AM EDT, Bret was weakening to a Subtropical Depression when the wind shear came. Subtropical Depression Bret got stronger and stronger. It dissipated on June 21 at 4:05 AM EDT.

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