Values used for the SSHS on this wiki
Category Windspeeds Hexadecimal
Tropical Depression ≤38 mph #5ebaff
Tropical Storm 39-73 mph #00faf4
Category 1 74-95 mph #FFFF00
Category 2 96-110 mph #ffe775
Category 3 111-129 mph #ffc140
Category 4 130-156 mph #ff8f20
Category 5 157-194 mph #ff6060
Category 6 195-234 mph #8b0000
Category 7 235-300 mph #cc0033
Category 8 301-340 mph #cc0066
Category 9 341-380 mph #CC99CC
Category 10 381-410 mph #FFCCCC
Category 11 411-449 mph #8A2BE2
Category 12 450-499 mph #9400D3
Hypercane 500-999 mph #ff99ff
Super Hypercane 1000-1599 mph #cc99cc
Megacane 1600-2499 mph #FFCCCC
Category 2 Megacane 2500-3399 mph #D2691E
Category 3 Megacane 3400-6900 mph #CD5C5C
Super Storm 6901-9999 mph #9400D3
Infinite Storm 10000-999999 mph #00CC33
Mini Black Hole ≥1000000 mph #008080

Tropical Storm Andrea

Tropical Storm Barry

Hurricane Chantal

Hurricane Dorian

Subtropical Depression 5L

2019 East coast US Subtropical Storm

Hurricane Erin

Tropical Storm Fernand

Tropical Storm Garbielle

Hurricane Humberto

Tropical Storm Imedlia

Tropical Storm Jerry

Tropical Storm Karen

Super Hypercane Lorenzo

Hurricane Mellisa

Tropical Storm Nestor

Tropical Storm Olga

Hurricane Pablo

Hurricane Sebastien

Hurricane Tanya

Hurricane Van

Hurricane Wendy

Tropical Storm Alpha

Hurricane Beta

Hypercane Delta

Hurricane Epsilon

Hurricane Zeta

Tropical Storm Eta

Subtropical Storm Theta

Tropical Storm Kappa

Tropical Storm Lambda

Super Hypercane Mu

Hypercane Nu

Tropical Storm Xi

Tropical Storm Omricon

Tropical Storm Pi

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