Different from reality.


Tropical Storm Alberto

Alberto did caused $5 million and 43 deaths

Alberto TS
Temporary cyclone north
Duration May 12—May 18
Intensity 56 mph, 1005 mbar

Hurricane Beryl

Beryl caused 3 deaths. Beryl stayed out to the sea.

Beryl 1
Temporary cyclone north
Duration May 27—June 3
Intensity 74 mph, 991 mbar

Hurricane Chris

Chris caused 1,836 deaths and $108 billion

Chris 4
Temporary cyclone north
Duration June 8—June 13
Intensity 148 mph, 930 mbar

Hypercane Debby

Debby was a 600 mph Hypercane that didn't affected land.

Debby TC
Temporary cyclone north
Duration July 1—October 31, 2013
Intensity 600 mph, 580 mbar

Extra-Tropical Depression Ernesto

A storm was named Ernesto as it moved in to the as a subtropical storm. In post-season, Ernesto was a extra-tropical depression that affected Florida as 20 mph.

Remnants of Bud(Ernesto)
Temporary cyclone north
Duration became remnant low on June 26—June 27
Intensity Winds unknown, Pressure unknown


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